Does anybody know anything about the NWAACC conference? I’m considering looking at some schools in it and I would like to have a little more information.

I’ve heard of bellevue but i’m unfamiliar with that conference.

From what my research has told me, it’s a respected conference though its not as well known the California junior college. The thing that gets my attention is Lewis and Clark State recruit a lot of players out of some of the schools in this conference and thats where I want to play.

Washington and Oregon are also very scenic in spots and have a lot better weather than what I have in south west Wyoming.

The NWAACC uses only wood bats. That is about all i know of them. Three of my former teammates have gone or are going to NWAACC colleges to play baseball, as am I. There are four divisions within NWAACC baseball. North, South, East and West. I will be playing (or sitting the bench) in the West division for Grays Harbor College.