Nutritional Help


I am just starting my off season, and have been giving some mixed advice on trying to setup a nutritional diet. Anyone that is very developed/experienced in this topic, and would be able to assist me, would be very helpful.

If you want a copy of the diet I’ve been given, that is not a problem either, but I don’t really wish to post it on here…since I’ve had to pay a good amount for it :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite nutritionist would have to be John Berardi.

He has tons of free articles with great info, and I believe his forums are free as well.
Take a look, the man knows his stuff…

The site is kind of helpful…but I guess with nutrition, it all seems to just be self experimentation…find out for yourself, I mean…all of the guidelines are the same…no difference there.

Just tough to get it all laid out I guess…a lot of work.