Nutrition plan?

hey guys, i understand that while working out you should be eating 6 small meals a day. My questions are when should these meals be taken in, like which times through out the day? and what should these small meals consist of? also, im curious as to what kind of, if any supplements are being used by you guys?

Two times you should always eat.
Right after waking (breakfast)
And post performance (does not have to be immediately after but the sooner you provide your body with fuel the sooner it begins to repair itself)

I don’t eat on a set schedule. I just try and eat around every 90 minutes or so. A friend sent me a flash program that has an alarm go off every 90 minutes on my computer. It’s quite handy.

Centerfield is right. You should eat when you wake up because your body has depleted nutrients. Every 90 minutes to two hours is a good way to start eating. small portions or 300-400 calories with 60%carbs, 20%protein,20%fat. A good way to watch what you eat is by using a daily nutrition log. Logging what you eat can break everything down for you. A free daily log you can use is Just so you can set your basis.
Oh… Centerfield was also right about eating right after your workout. This is just as important as when you wake up. You have to re-fuel your body to rebuild your body!
As far as supplements go, everyone should take a multi-vitamin. Beyond that it is entirely up to you. Whey Protein or Casein Protein sups are good as in you can get your daily protein a lot easier and make a good smoothie quick and with ease.
If you need more just let me know. I am a personal trainer and love helping.