Nutrition for a 14U team

Can anyone help me with a nutrition program for a 14U travel team?

Just curious, honestly how much control do you have over the kids when they are away from the field?

Are you making an agreement with the families that puts them on a “contract” and requires them to follow a nutritional guideline set out by you and or your assistants?

How would you be able to enforce said program?

I think it’s great your asking all these questions, but some like this one might be a little too far from your circle of control.

Since you specified this is a travel team the only experience I had with my sons travel team is kids dont eat enough. If you are traveling where you will be staying in a hotel you have to make sure they eat enough. I noticed plenty of times when kids would be up till 2 am hanging out then get up at 7 am and eat a small bown of cereal or a banana because they were tired and didnt feel like eating. Needless to say they hit a wall during the games.
If your team is gonna be traveling the main things I would try to control (good luck) is first and foremost they get enough sleep, second they hydrate before, during and after games and that they eat enough. I would not be concerned so much with what they are eating (unless a kid is eating an ice cream sunday before a double header) as long as they are eating enough and drinking water.