Nuno Cunha slow motion Pitching Analysis


Before we get into this i feel like i should give a little backstory.
As you might have guessed from my name i’m not from america and where i live baseball might aswell not exist, every single team in the whole country plays in the same league, which right now has 8 amateur teams total… because of this i never had and can’t have a pitching coach or a real coach at all, also i only got into baseball like a year ago, and i started trying to pitch about 3 weeks ago, this video is where i got at… i got my mechanics from youtube videos only so i’m guessing this is not too great, since competition is not too fierce i’m looking more at not destroying my arm than throwing 90… but anything i can do to improve my mechanics is welcome!


It’s hard to tell from this angle but it looks like you may be turning your back to the plate. A little of this is ok, but it looks like you have way too much. This will severely effect your control and also effect your velocity. In addition, it looks like you could be leading with the front knee too much. There is a great drill that you can find anywhere online for this called the wall drill (you can do the drill at home without anyone else). Do this for 10-15 minutes per day 5 days a week and you should see an immediate velocity jump within the first 2-3 weeks. Also, do you throw from that starting motion every time or do you go from the stretch and the wind up? If you use that every time you are going to want to learn the stretch and windup, as by the looks of it your motion is a mix of the two. Use the stretch for when runners are on base so they can’t steal all day. Finally, your leg extends way too early. This might be a result of your back turn but your knee shouldn’t extend until your make contact with the ground.


A couple more angles of your motion would be very helpful and please ask if you need anything else. I could also put together a couple of beginner drills that would improve your velocity and control and send them too you if you want. By the way, what country do you live in?


That would be amazing if you could put up a few drills for me man! This is what i got from looking up wall drills, will this do fine? i’ll get you a few more angles tomorrow if i can since it’s pretty late here in Portugal. also looked up the stretch and windup and will get right to those :slight_smile:


There is an option to message within the forum and that will make it easier for you to ask me any questions or give you some help. So I think I will use that to distribute that information to you. If you have a problem seeing it just reply back into this message.


No instruction is often better than poor instruction. :wink: You don’t look too bad.

The one thing that jumps out at me is the lack of glove-side control. You let you glove arm swing around to the side and that will usually lead to early shoulder rotation which, in turn, can affect performance and health. Watch this video and pay attention to the comments about the pitchers’ glove arms: