yeah what is numbness in your fingers caused by?? like 2 weeks ago i was warming up to pitch and i started feeling numbness as soon i release the ball. Like tiggleing . idk weird but after a day it went away ( BTW i didn’t pitch that day. i decided not to just in case. ) and today i was just playing catch and i felt it again…

Get thee to a doctor—as soon as possible! That needs to be checked out. Maybe it’s nothing—or maybe it’s something like what happened to David Cone thirteen years ago, when he started experiencing numbness and it turned out to be an aneurysm in his shoulder which could have been life-threatening. Fortunately he had surgery to remove it, and that October he pitched a gem of a ball game to put the Yankees back in the World Series. So don’t wait. Get it looked at, and if it’s something that needs to be taken care of, do it. 8)

could be something with a nerve in there, go see a doc to be safe.

Yeah, see a doctor.

what did the doctor say?