NPA Velo Program Reviews?

Just wondering about the people who have used the NPA Velo program and what type of gains and just an overall review they have!

Any response is appreciated

It is my understanding that the NPA is not selling the velocity program at this time. The velocity plus program that is being offered by the Players Dugout (Joe Newton) is no longer endorsed by the NPA. They are doing some things outside of NPA protocols. The NPA has requested any mention of them be removed from the web site. That has not happened, and may result in possible legal action. I would suggest contacting the NPA directly before buying anything.

Seriously? How did you hear about this?

That’s interesting that the NPA isn’t selling it any more. Could read many different things into that. Wonder if it’s a business move and they are repackaging how the sell it or if they will no longer sell it directly to consumers without a certified instructor being involved?

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The info was sent in an email from the NPA to the certified coaches. There were not specific details. You may still be able to go through a coach certified on the program doing it at their own facility. I’m not sure. The problem was not with the program itself. It was with the Players Dugout deciding to make their own modifications not approved by the NPA.

My guess is the NPA isn’t selling the program or disclosing any details due to the possibility of litigation. I believe they are concerned about the safety of pitchers as well as the integrity of their program and their name. Note that they are also re-evaluating their coaches certification for the same reasons (I believe).