Now what!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all ….

Before the start of the first inning a stadium official motions to the chief
umpire to delay the game. The umpire greets the stadium guy along with a security guard, then I see them looking over to our dugout.

Only two words came to me at that instant… “now what?

This remark was not made due to an uneventful list of things that seem to
follow this particular club – for the last three weeks. At that point in time we had four guys who made up a crew that had an unlimited imagination for pranks- at home and away. And their talent for just missing the ole ball
and chain was a real art form , if I say so myself. They also had a talent For dragging in half the club.

Well, over walked the entourage with the security guard pointing at better
than half the guys on the bench. Then, the other clubs coaching staff in
its entirety walked over … but were stopped short of the dugout steps by
other umpires.

Some how, but nobody knows nott’n, every role of toilet paper had pepper
sprinkled between every sheet, rolled back up – and placed in the stalls of the other clubs locker room. The other club just couldn’t take the field right right away, they were indisposed for a while. And on that note, so were seven guys on our bench – out of there !

When our skipper came back from visit to the little boys room, he saw the
sparsely populated bench - looked up and down and repeated what I
thought earlier …”now what?”

That was a long time ago and the only reason for remembering this particular event was because the brains of that crew sent my wife and I a nice card announcing the birth of their new baby boy. My wife thought that was so sweet … but the first thing that came to my mind was … “oh man, now there’s more of – em!” .