Now to adjust

Well im so used to playing with my baseball friends from my neighborhood and always when i pitched blowing the fastball (i throw 78-83ish) by everyone no matter were i threw it and my curve was pretty much unhittable… now pitching to my team fastball was getting hit not hard but around the field and im not used to it and lost my confidence really… how can i bounce back :shock:

Well you have a nice curve, which is good to have.

Ask yourself this…

Do I hit the corners when I should?

Is there movement on my ball?

Am I throwing my different pitches when I should be?

If you get better at these things this can really affect your pitching.

Yeah what he said.

Oh and try to get more sessions in with better hitters, it will help you, it did wonders for me just getting practice in with our cleanup and middle of the order guys.