Now is the time

Now is the time to start planning:
(1)Paperwork - do you need any waivers from teachers, parents/legal guardians, certain grades, make up tests and exams, finals or med terms to really study for, academic tutoring and the like.
(2)Medical exams - most schools and even summer teams require some sort of medical exam, a formal form to be completed saying that you’re fit to play sports and signed by a medical professional, also any medications that your taking or injuries that require healing prior to the season beginning.
(3)Equipment adjustments - glove repair, new spikes, larger equipment if your catching this season, new eye glasses.
(4)Overlapping sports, part time jobs, social appointments - if you’re involved with a winter sport you want to make sure that you won’t leave that sport high and dry for personnel just so you can play ball, nor do you want to stretch yourself too thin, and likewise for part time jobs that depend on you being somewhere to pull your fair share, and social responsibilities like family chores, helping out an older member of the family and so forth.
(5)School work - one of first things that’ll dash your hopes of playing ball is the lack of attention to your grades, make up exams, med terms and finals. If you need tutors, now is the time to ask - be prepared.

Coach B.