Not sure about k-ball

ok so i started to throw the k-ball but… i’m not real sure on the release i currently throw it by pushing with ALL my fingers (i don’t push i release with all my fingers if that makes sence), now i’m not sure if that is how i am supposed to throw it, or with only the pointer-finger, and my middle finger and follow the ball throw… can some one clear that up for me plz…

There is a site on the web called Knuckleball HQ. Just put Knuckleball HQ in your search engine or click the link:

This site is dedicated to the dancing floater. Remember- not all coaches grove to the knuckleball. If you are determined this is the only way for you to be a successful pitcher, and are going the long dark way of the knuckleballer-here is some free advise.

  1. Buy the Knuckleball book-this will tell you how to throw it-the right way.
  2. Develope a sinking fastball and a slider when the knuckler wont find the plate, or when the umpire keeps missing the call.
  3. Consentrate on quick delivery to home and practice pick off moves-A LOT (every day).
  4. Realize that to get to college ball you will probably start as a walk on

Hope this helps, Ian.

ok soo what i have noticed from the video and the webpage is that i have to also throw with the finger tips of my thumb also???.. is that the right way?? not sure if this is the proper way to throw it.

P.S i throw it with no help with the thumb just as a staibalizer and i used to get top spin ALOT of top spin

No just rest it on the fleshy part of your thumb. As you accerate your arm forward your thumb and 4th finger (and Pinky finger if used) are lifted off first. Remeber the ball should be resting against the upper part of your palm. Then as the ball lifts away from the palm(do to momentum) you push it with the index and middle fingers.

If you are getting overspin your timing might be bad or your thumb is too far under the ball. You do not want any spin ( well a turn and a half on the way to the plate). Spinning Knucklers are home run pitches unles you are just mixing it in.


ok so i have to let my ring finger and my thumb off the ball first (without pushing?). Well let me tell u what i did before… what i did before is i just flicked with all my fingers(thumb,index, and middle finger.) at the same time, and expected no rotation… now i understand i have to let the ball come out of my palm and then just push it a bit foward with my fingers and not use them to push the ball… i guess that’s what ur trying to say.

let me know if that’s what u mean… thx for all the help so far everyone

If you are flicking your fingers and getting a lot of overspin-you are throwing Burt Hootens Knuckle-Curveball which is an awesome pitch but is not the same thing.

When the Knuckler comes off your index and middle finger (tips) they should be behind the ball -probably in the middle of the ball pushing it forward.

Also note-short finger nails help-not uber short but definately not long or even medium length. Seriously-if you want to throw the knuckler,buy a good nail file and a couple of emery boards.

Also throwing the knuckler takes fine tactile dexterity that not everyone has. It takes a good month to three months of hard work to get the spin off. Then the dream or the nightmare begins (and it can be both).

This pitch requires that you are mentally strong. There will be days that the thing just does not move enough and other days that it moves too freaking much. Catchers will not be your best chums and managers will mutter under their breath.

You will know if you succeeeded when they hand you the ball every 5th day. You also might want to ask for the number 49 to pay homage to the God of knuckleballers Hoyt Wilhelm-LOL, Ian.

Ok so i started to throw the knuckleball today and completely failed, so i thought, what if i changed my grip, and i did, and Bam! i think that was it i throw the knuckleball now with little or no rotation, but one problem my catcher siad that he didn’t see alot of movement. what creates the movement for the knuckleball now that i have the no rotation down…

P.S if ur wondering, i throw my knuckleball like this now

Increasing velocity and finding the right amount of spin will give you move movement. It takes time and a lot of practice.

Give it time-also read the knuckleball HQ board-they address topics like this all the time-Good luck! Ian.

Ok i’m starting to throw like this… but i want to know what are gonna be the advantages of throwing it like this, then throwing it with only 2 fingers. what are the advantages, and if there is what are the disadvantages. if possible what kind of movement will be expected…

Well the advantages are that you only have to points with which you could possibly cause the ball to spin. Most of the great ones have thrown it with 2 fingers both Niekros, Wilhelm, Hough, Wood, Wakefield. RA Dickey throws it the same way.

What way it can be expected to move???

Only God knows, and it changes with every knuckler you throw. This is why catchers hate the knuckler and some coaches too, and the movement on the knuckler is late after the batters decision point. This makes it hard to hit, but as hard to catch. Good Luck! Ian

I throw it with 3 fingers instead of 2… i think u explained it if i throw it with 2 fingers… what are the advantages of throwing it with 3 fingertips on the ball instead of 2??