Not So Horrible Horror Stories

My coach was telling me about a player he coached before and how the player didn’t sign out of college so he played in another country and ended up in the NY Pen league where a TX scout saw him and eventually he ended up signing a 1 year $10 million contract. The usual preliminary evaluations were due and he was going to get his MRI and the doctor poked his UCL and messed it up…

The bad news… no more baseball.

The good news… $10 million guaranteed.

It was cool that he made big money and never even got drafted.

No doctor ever “poked” a UCL and messed it up. It takes a lot more than a doctor could do to damage a UCL unless it is already hanging by a thread. Also if a team had $10M invested in a player they’d pay for TJ surgery. Lot of other holes in that story.

Well I don’t know the whole story :shock:

Gotta agree with CADad on that one, sounds like one of them Fishin’ Stories.

Specially the part of 10 Mill to play in the NYPL (Class A Ball), signing for that type of money would of been all over the news.

Not to mention that he would have had to give a bunch of that money back for not even playing. They can claim your signing bonus’s ya know!

This is his story.

“This is his story”

Gotcha meng!

Good story nonetheless