Not relaxing the arm


I have a question
When i pitch my arm is after 30 pitchers really tired. And the day after my arm/shoulder is really stiff.
Could it be that i squeeze too hard in the ball ?



It “could” be a whole bunch of things, we don’t know your conditioning, or your mechs or how many innings…gotta give us a bit more Justin 8)


Don’t grip the ball as if you were trying to squeeze the juice out of it!
As jdfromfla said, there are a number of possibilities—many reasons why your arm gets so tired—and this could be one of them. Why not start there—loosen up on your grip a little, regardless of what pitch you’re throwing? That, by the way, is one of the secrets of a good changeup. 8)


Hi Bernardus,

Here, is a list of a few things to look over:

  1. Are you doing appropriate stretching and warming up prior to throwing? Failing to do so can cause soreness to occur.

  2. Are you stretching after you workout and your throws? This is very important to prevent the onset of lactic acid which is what creates the soreness in sore muscles.

  3. Are you throwing too many pitches in a week or not giving your arm enough time to rest?
    If you are experiencing soreness after you throw, it is a good idea to give yourself 24 to 48 for your arm to rest. This is important because your arm is telling you that you have overworked your muscles. Since throwing a baseball overhand is an unnatural motion, you need to listen to these cues from your body. Also, if you are throwing a high number of pitches in a week, this can take a toll on your arm. Be sure to include throwing you do at other positions as well. Use this ASMI chart as a guide

  4. Have you used a solid weight training program in the offseason?
    If you have not, odds are your arm is not sufficiently strong to handle the rigors of pitching every day and may be why you are experiencing difficulties.

  5. Do your pitching mechanics create undue stress on your arm in certain areas specifically? Check where the soreness is and get a few pitching lessons to see if a quality pitching coach can refine your pitching motion to reduce the risk of injury.

  6. How is your physical stamina? Beyond regular weight training program, you should also be running to develop your legs and total body endurance. This helps you last longer and may play a factor in current fatigue.

  7. Are you overthrowing or throwing too hard with all your pitches? Quality baseball pitching is not just about throwing a really fast fastball every time. Take a cue from top pitches like Greg Maddux and don’t be afraid to take something off your fastball. This will help put less stress on your arm and will give you a little extra something for those times in games when you really want to dig deep and throw your best fast fastball.

  8. What pitches are you throwing? If you are throwing curves and other breaking pitches, these generally put more strain on your arm than a standard fastball and changeup. Therefore, you may want to limit the amount of breaking stuff you are throwing until you build up a stronger tolerance.

  9. Consider visiting a doctor for a medical checkup. If this issue persists, do not be afraid to go see a doctor. It could be that there is a more serious issue where you have developed a tear or some rotator cuff issue. Many times you go see a training at your high school so don’t be afraid to check this out.

  10. Consider using some weight training performance supplements. I do not normally recommend this however some people can help their muscle endurance by using some supplements like creatine which help keep your muscles from tiring as quickly. Still, I would focus on all other areas before really looking into supplements as they create a crutch and can become unnecessarily expensive. Plus, the health effects and long term issues of many supplements is still unclear at this point in time.

Hope this helps,
Jack Elliott


I agree with all of the above answers, especially the ones provided from Jack here. My preference is number 3 in his post. You’ve answered your question in your title basically. You need to RELAX your arm. If you’re throwing too many, maybe it’s time to take a break and pitch only when needed.