Not pitching-batting

this is isn’t about picthing or anything, it about batting cause i need some help with that too which muscles should i workout to increase bat speed and ahve more power? thanks

Your forearms and your abdominal muscles along with your lower back muscles. Legs also. Alot of muscles are involved. But the main are the upper body, mostly core muscles.

Hmm… I think the best thing you could do is to continue working on your swing mechanics, and develop the core muscle group. But then again, if you think about it, the triceps also contribue to your swing, as do many other muscles.

How long have you been lifting? What experience do you have with some of the more advanced, technical exercises? If you aren’t lifting at the moment, “Get to it!” jk…

Look up some of KC’s post, and some of the older threads. I think there may have been other threads that dealt with the question you’re asking.

But things I have been taught: “It’s all in the hips!” :slight_smile:

And if you want, why not start a log? This way we can sort of help you out as you go along. KC’s pretty knowledgeable in this area, and sadly, mike doesn’t post here as often as he used to.

From mike on another forum:

[quote]A well designed strength training program will not decrease your bat speed. In the past many people (including football coaches) also said that weight lifting will make you slower. We know today that weight lifting does not make you slower.

Strength training alone does not make you a better baseball player. It will increase your strength that you can apply to the skills you practice every day. If you can perform those skills with more strength and power, you will then be a better baseball player.

Think about it this way. Which can you usually swing faster? A heavy or lighter bat? Usually a lighter bat. Now if you can get stronger, the bat gets relatively lighter. You should increase your bat speed.

The one issue that needs to be considered is how well designed your program is. A poorly designed program can increase the risk of injury by having your body unbalanced. It is usually well worth it to get some professional help. When looking at the cost, remember that many times you will be choosing between two things: quality and price. Which are you willing sacrifice? If you have more questions, stop by my website or email me at I’d love to talk to you about it.[/quote]

I could pm you his number if you want to get in contact with him. His site doesn’t seem to be working anymore?

Steve, do you know what happened to him?

Here’s an article I found on

Mike Griffin e-mailed me a couple a weeks ago… He got married and is moving on to other things. He got a new job outside baseball and just didn’t have the time to write, contribute, and maintain a site. He gave me some of his articles, which I’ll be posting soon.