Not getting better

Its been about 3 weeks since the doctor said I had tendinitis in my shoulder and rotator cuff. I’ve been doing the strengthening program for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and not much progress has been made. My shoulder is still sore. The only other activity I have been doing that requires my arms other than the strengthening program is scanning items at the grocery store (I’m a cashier lol), and playing basketball. Anyone have any ideas?

Have you talked to your doctor in 2 1/2 weeks?

he said come back in about 3 weeks, but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to because my parents switched insurance companys, and he dosent take our new insurance.

Hmmm…not sure maby someone else can help you.

well how long does it usually take for shoulder tendinitis to heal?

Idk sometimes up to a month but it depends on how bad it is.

i had it last year and it took about a month of strength training just to get my arm healthy again. So i basically took all of fall off of pitching but was able to play outfield half way through.

this year ive been doing constant shoulder exercises and am much more conscious about throwing and so far have not had any problems

thanks alot baller, i was actually gonna post to see whether anyone had any experience with shoulder tendinitis lol, guess you beat me to it! thanks again. Oh and another question, how often did you have to do the strengthening program?

last year when i had it i did it about four times a week

this link has everything i did specifically for my arm

Did you jump right into the strengthening or did you give yourself some time off to let the shoulder heal before beginning the strengthening program? How long did the doctor tell you to rest before starting the strengthening program?

i first took about two weeks off. then i started up with things like the bench press and shoulder press(light weight because my tendonitis was really bad), just to start to restrengthen my shoulder. Once I saw I could increase the weight, that is when i started the specific rotator cuff exercises. This last process was about two more weeks.