Not getting any better

As of recently, I haven’t been getting any better… no increase in velocity, control isn’t better… nothing

When I throw it doesn’t feel like I’m getting everything out of my body… feels like everything is out of sync

What could the problem(s) be?

Video’s really the only way to figure this out (IMO at least).

Well theres a saying “if it aint broke, dont fix it.” In this case it seems to be broken, so you need to fix it. Unfortunately, like peavy said, we could use some video to see if it is something mechanical.

I know. I wish I had a camera. I’ve been sitting at 80-83 for the past while and just can’t seem to break past it. I figured if I start working out and figure out what this mechanical issue is and after I go through a growth spurt or 2 I’d gain atleast another 5 MPH putting me up at 85-88MPH at 17/18 years old (16 at the moment).

Offset - Give your system a shock. Completely change your conditioning plan. Keep up with your throwing. Sometimes all it takes to start seeing gains in velocity is just mixing up your routines. I suspect they’ve become stale. Happens to everyone. Change it!

What are you doing in your attempts to improve? What kind of training regimen are you on? Do you incorporate a lot of “specific” training (on a mound, correct distance, at a strike zone/catcher, game intensity,…) or are you doing a lot of drills that may be non-specific?

Another thing to think about is that, the higher you get in terms of velocity (mid-high 80’s), the harder every extra mph becomes. It’s pretty much an exponential curve. In other words, patience, my friend. This ain’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

I hope you can get some video soon.

As of right now I’m following TuffCuff with the exception of a few exercises which require special equipment. I’m working with a pitching coach who played ball for a college in Texas. We’re working on synchronizing my body parts. Our season doesn’t start for another 6 months or so so I didn’t really think it was a good idea to throw off a mound full intensity yet. This is probably a major contributor to the problem but I only get to throw about once a week. This will change to about 2-3 times a week come January.

Due to the rules of the place I’m training at, even if I had access to a camera they don’t allow filming because of a past event that took place and lost them lots of $$. (Someone filmed the clinics and decided to teach his own place these teachings and stole customers)

I’m also starting to eat better, hoping to get to 150-155ish for the season.

Also, another thing that is probably not helping any is that I’m missing a lot of my workouts because of issues at home and such.

I learned on a body building site that the body respones to changes (positively) and keep your workouts under 60 minutes and drink I nice disgusting glass of whey protien.

It’s your lack of throwing. You can’t throw once a week and hope that each time you get out there you’re going to see increases in pitch velocity. In fact, you’ll probably go the other way. Keep working on your strength and athleticism. Don’t worry so much about your velocity until you start throwing a little more consistently during the week closer to the season.

This may be a stupid question but would putting a baseball in a sock and taping the sock onto your pitching hand help on the days that I can’t throw?

Funny that you ask because my dad (a college athletic director) and I were talking about this over Thanksgiving. The baseball coach he just hired, a former pro and Cape Cod summer league coach, has his pitchers do this in the off-season. I generally like the idea, but haven’t actually seen it done or done it myself. I’d be very cautious about your arm action so as not to pull anything; start slowly if you try it.


If you’re going to try this drill make sure you use 2 socks… First pitch I threw went right through the sock and halfway through the wall. :shock:


If you’re going to try this drill make sure you use 2 socks… First pitch I threw went right through the sock and halfway through the wall. :shock:[/quote]



you said that you feel out of sync. if you have been following tuff cuff for a while then you probably have gotten stronger. the problem with no gain in velocity is mechanical

No I’ve been feeling out of sync for a while now… I’ve never really felt like I;m throwing with my body with the exception of a few times where I was up at 85 on average instead of 80-83. Everything felt right and then the next day that feeling just left me and I went back to feeling weak so to speak.

Nice, dude! Youtube it and then post it here :slight_smile: