Not extending arm completely (please read)

my arm lags behind becuase i extend out to far and let it hang there for to long, causing my arm not to be “cocked” so i dont put direct force to the back of the ball, i come off the ball severely (a spin that looks clockwise to me when i release) COSTING ME ALOT OF VELOCITY

does that make any sense? that was just one of my thoughts and i was wondering if im was right about it or not.

if this IS a cause for veloctiy loss, do you think it would be batter (and more importantly, safe) for me to not extend out so mush with my arm on my descension towards the plate (about 110-130 degrees)?

can anyone answer this?

Get a vid up then i’ll help :worthless: Now imagine “video” instead of “pics”

I believe Roy Oswalt’s “high cocked” position is also at a large angle. About 135º, I think.