North Dakota 17 year old RHP looking for college scholarship

please review/critque.

I think you look real good. What’s your FB velocity and your differential between FB and off-speed? I liked your breaking stuff.

One problem I see with this workout is that the indoor mound you are using seems to cramp your delivery…your stride foot appears to get to the end of the mound, maybe hangs over a bit, and that’s going to inhibit your stride for sure. On some deliveries I think that mound makes you look unbalanced in follow-through because you must pitch the ball and then take an abrupt 4" step down to the floor level. Whether you are thinking about this consciously or not, it has to affect your delivery.

If you are compiling video for recruiting purposes, I believe you should consider finding a different mound to use.

i’m 79-83 with my fastball. that is the most accurate i could give you right now. my change is 7-9 mph off usually but it has alot of movement(almost too much to control consistently). and my curve is like an 11-12 mph difference. my cutter is 4-6.

and the mound is getting to be too short for me. but when i’m getting serious about recruiting i will send game footage because i believe that is what the coaches want.

and for recruiting purposes- i’m a junior and haven’t played my junior high school season yet(spring in ND) so i still have some time to get more looks and up the velocity hopefully! but i think this will help show them my movement and stuff. and that North Dakota baseball is not bad! we have some good athletes up here haha

I would be somewhat concerned about using that indoor mound for your pre-season work. If you spend lots of time doing reps that make your stride and landing feel awkward because the mound is too short and it drops 4" to floor level at the front edge…that may hurt your progress.

Think of it this way: Large numbers of reps can condition and reinforce good mechanical habits, which is exactly what you want as a pitcher who must perform a highly repetitive and reproducible delivery under game conditions.

However, large numbers of reps can also condition you for bad mechanical habits. People generally talk about mechanics as being totally under the control of the pitcher, but I think this is one of those times when your practice mound is limiting an important part of your delivery.

Many coaches believe that the length of your stride is an important contributor to the velocity that you can achieve with your mechanics. If you train yourself to accommodate that short mound, then you may be training yourself to “take something off” during your stride forward.

North Dakota obviously has some out-door weather challenges for baseball players during the cold months, so it’s perfectly understandable that you would be doing your pre-season work indoors…if you have access to a good pitching coach, I’d suggest that you talk with him about this issue.

I like your arm action. I think you could lead with your hips more and gain a couple of MPH. I agree with laflippin that using a short mound may be reducing your stride. I think I would pitch flatground instead of off that mound.