North American Prospects

I got some email from these guys saying I had been recomended by a college coach to play on a team from the United States in Italy. I was recomended by Shane Shewmake at University of Texas at Dallas. Now the problem is I’ve never met Shane Shewmake. They said there was no tryout and they only took 16 kids but I’m no fool, I would imagine there has to be someone else on here who got this email. Does anyone know anything about these guys? I won’t go on the trip but I would like to know how these guys got my information and if this was legit. Here is the site

Why don’t you simply ask the coach himself?

If you google: University of Texas at Dallas baseball you will find their webpage. Click the ‘coaches’ icon, and his e-mail address is right there for you to find.

If you forward the solicitation to him and ask him what it was all about, I’m sure he would tell you.

I actually did that, I mean if the guy actually recomended me I own him a thanks but either way I just told him if they were stealing his name he should probably know about it.