Normal Day

i was just reading about pro. pitchers days… mine is like…

wake up
do whatever
MAYBE stretch and MAYBE do a light workout
go throw if i have a chance
eat a snack if im hungry
do whatever
MAYBE stretch/do whatever

then about 2 hours before i go to bed il workout if i feel like it

nothing really nutritious for my meals… usually sumthing like mcdonalds, etc.

i know this is a terrible day for serious pitchers so i was wondering what a day should consist of

i throw low to mid 70’s on avg. and top out at 78

im 15, 5’8 130lbs.

Nice post ^^^

Pheen if your talking about eating McDonalds then I’m sure you don’t have too healthy of a lifestyle. You need nutrition just to be working out for any sport. Any sport requires you to have some kind of a healthy lifestyle just to be able to safely workout and do what you have to do to become good at whatever your trying to do.