Noobs, study this before you post

Not to be a snob, but do some of you guys study before you learn to pitch and then post a video. In the last 2 days I’ve seen 2-4 posts of people wanting help on their pitching and cant get the basic fundamentals down.
There are three basic steps

  1. knee up
  2. ( the most important and missed by many posts) foot DOWN !
  3. THEN stride out.

Arm action need to be rhythmic in tune with the legs and most importantly GLOVE TURN.

what were you saying again?

Can’t carbon copy pitchers. If everybody did it “right”(?) there wouldn’t be a need for a forum to discuss mechanics and offer advice. :smiley:

Someone called those of us who believe in leading with the hip as soon as the landing foot comes off the ground NOOBS.

Sorry but if you do your 1-2-3 you’re stalling over the rubber and losing momentum.

I’ve seen many advisers here tell kids to do the Hershiser Drill. I’ve have not seen one kid repost looking better.

And btw the 123 are for beginners 8-9-10 y/o ( or any beginner) , but if you wana call yourself a noob go ahead and do so.

Here is a recent thread :: 12yr old pitching side view (updated video now public)

Did you guys give any advise to him? Or do you just like to post negative comments?

Plaz…so you want to teach one set of mechanics to kids 8-10 years old and then reteach them a different approach after they are 10?

I see the Ryan example above still being in the up-down-out form. His hips are moving forward the whole time (this is the point of the Herchiser drill), but the front foot doesn’t move forward of the hips until after it comes down. You can still be up-down-out without hitting a static balance point (which is, IMO, bad).

IMO, up-down-glide out is key to keeping the hips from opening too soon. Too many kids look like they are stepping over a log.

On the other hand, the stride is only one part of the pitching motion.


A. Noob

Younger kids have limited attention to detail and understanding movement, as Roger states below. They need to keep things simple. Do you teach a beginner pitcher from the stretch or full wind up? The full wind up right? cuz it has more power…

There really isn’t a velocity benefit throwing from the windup. The only “mechanical” advantage there MIGHT be is that the legs are in motion when knee lift occurs providing more momentum through the knee lift.

Other than that its probably more of a comfort or personal preference thing. My own kid loves throwing from the windup, always has. He says he feels more comfortable and intimidating, staring over the top of his glove with just his eyes showing.

BTW: I’ve always taught kids from the stretch first then progressed to the windup. Keep It Simple with younger kids.