Non-Pitching Rotator Cuff :D

I was playing a game the other day, 1st and 3rd I was on first and I stole. The catcher threw it down to the shortstop. I was pretty close but then the shortstop started creeping towards me, this all happening in slow motion of course. Then I noticed exately what had happened. The catcher had made a bad throw. He had me beat pretty bad. He has a gun but its pretty wild sometimes. So I see the shortstop almost jump up to catch it and the exact same time I had to make a decision. I could either slide. I wans’t in a position to dive becuase I was planning on sliding feet first. I decided if I slid that his ankles would be history. I almost took one for myself and I ran into the kid square on. I put my left arm up to run into him. I don’t even think he got the tag onto me but when we got up from the ground, the ump was behind the play. We both went down but right away I noticed my left shoulder was hurting and a bit of my elbow. I knew I hit him pretty hard. Well I said I was fine and someone brought my mitt out and I went to 3rd. I’m like man with my glove this seems like its going to hurt.

Of course the first batter hits one to me, towards second. I got it pretty quick on an easy hop but somehow dropped it right infront of me so as I grabbed it I looked up to the hitter. He must have been mad he was barely halfway down the line. I didn’t lose any time and just threw him out no problem. Well they tested the shoulder pretty quick. Not so fast next batter grounder to me. Fielded it clean and threw him out. Now the tough part. Hitting. We had a bad inning and were down by about 8. Well top of the 7th one out, here comes the ralley. We’re gaining ground. I’m up bases juiced. I knew it was sore but the adrenaline got the best of me. I hit it right up the middle 2 RBI’s advanced to 2nd on the throw. Well we came back and got 1 ahead lol. With 1 out we got like 9 runs to lead by one. Next inning. Walk the leadoff, error at 2nd. Now the kid lays the bunt down, bad one to the pitcher I went to 3rd to grab the force from the pitcher. No prob. Next one a hit to the SS side so I got caught leaning one way. The pitcher ended up with it and I had to scramble back to the base. I got there and tried to feel for the base and I thought I had it. The leadoff a quick kid was on 2nd. I couldn’t stretch because I coudln’t find the bag. I swore I had the force but after I caught it, which probably hurt me, I tagged him just in case I didn’t know. I didn’t even look back I slapped him as hard as I could. He got called safe. Then a walkoff single for them to win. This could have hurt my shoulder too because I slapped the tag pretty hard. That adrenaline gets ahold of me and I feel nothing.

I iced my elbow last night but I woke up today and my shoulder just kills. I had a lot of trouble all day. I don’t get hurt a lot but It feel like the rotator cuff. I’m thinking I should ice it but I don’t know. I hope I can wait it out a few days and not put too much stress on it. I’m not working out tomorrow morning but I hope nothings really messed up. I think ice should do fine. There isn’t much swelling its more inside my elbow but I think I feel a spot on the outside of my shoulder thats sore, that I could ice.

Sorry for the life story. What do you guys think?

entertaining :slight_smile:

Yeah just a bit. It feels better today, it should be fine. I’m going to go without working out this week. No problem though I have some exams to study for anyhow.