Non-league games


Does your high school play in any non league games? How many out of the total league games are non-league? Why? Do you think you’d benefit from non-league games or would you rather spend such time working on fundamentals?

So, what do you think, regardless of who makes the decisions?


Practice is always more beneficial, but games are more fun. Our HS had 4 out of league games and 16 regular season league games. I don’t think sprinkling a few non-league games into a schedule hurts development. If teams add 10 or more, well that’s another thing.


HS varsity plays 50-60 games per season. Only 10 games are league. Coaches philophsy is play as many games as possible against the best competition. Preparation for playoffs.


40-50 non league games? How does this coach(s) treat their pitching staff? With these many non-league games, is the pitching staff ready for the long haul during the playoffs? How many pitchers does that coach(s0 go with as standard-bearers? What kind of rotation is the norm during league games? Is it a rule of thumb to pick a secondary player off the field and put him in?


Coach B,
Lots of games. Varsity carries 30+ players. They play maximum number of play dates with all doubleheaders. Maximum number of tournaments with toughest competition and most games. Also allowed to play additional dates out of state which is also maximized. Total games also include playoffs but a lot of games in a relatively short time frame. Normally only a couple or so two way players per year, most pitchers are PO’s. Last year we had twelve total pitchers. During tournaments coach will normally call up two or three JV pitchers.


30 + players on one varsity club? Is that right? So there is no up and down involving JV? And the high school state governing body does not limit the roster count?


No sir, I don’t believe there is a limit on the roster; if so I’m not aware. JV’s can be brought up and back down. Our school has Varsity, JV, & Frosh teams. Only 9th grade & up, nothing lower allowed to try out. Typical class will have between 16-20 that make the cut. Most stay with their class, start playing Varsity as Jr’s. Occasionally one or two per year will “play up”. My son played JV as a Freshman & Varsity as a Sophomore. Nearby schools in similar size & classification may only play 20 games plus or minus per season. Struggle to have enough players to field JV & Varsity teams. Not an issue here.