Nolan so far

Game 1
1 inning
no runs on 23 pitches
3 Ks
1 BB

Game 2
2 innings
1 run on 43 pitches
5 Ks
1 BB
1 single
1 WP
1 unearned run

He says he’s throwing pain-free, about 80 to 85% as hard as he can, and it tends to make him "aim " it unless he consciously reminds himself not to. The kid is learning. He might be a pitcher yet. Dad can only hope. lol

looks great to me. dont get over excited and overuse him. you’re probably not going to anyway. what’s so good about him? he knows where to pitch? he has an overpowering fastball? good change-up? mix it well? lots of curves?

His PT has set a firm 75 pitch per week limit, and his coach is okay with it for now. We’ll see what happens when JH ball starts. I might have to step in, hope not.

Nolan has a plus fastball (high 70’s, hits low 80’s when he is “right”) which this level of kids (u14 Koufax) don’t see too much. He locates the 2 and 4 seamer very well, both with good movement, lives on the outside corner, and isn’t afraid to bust 'em inside and high when he needs to. He has a wicked slider that I don’t let him throw (like that stops him), and he’s working on a change-up that so far he can’t throw for strikes. He has also been throwing a more traditional 10-to-4 curve (he’s a low 3/4 slot thrower) that is a pretty effective off speed pitch when he’s throwing it for strikes (which kind of depends on the time of day lol).

One thing that he seems to have that sets him apart is an “exploding” fastball. He puts a huge amount of spin on the four seamer, and it seems to jump half way to the plate. Kinda cool. I think the spin fools the human eye, and at the point where the spin and the forward momentum sync up it seems to “appear” much closer than the hitter originally thought. But then, I’m just an opinion guy.