Nolan Ryan's Pitching Bible

Has anyone read this book I just bought it today, if u have read could You give me your opinion on it please

i read it, it explains mostly about tom houses pitching theory and workout routine very intresting book though you will learn a few things reading it

i have it. i like it because it goes into detail with everything about pitching and working out. i think its a pretty good read.

Let us know what you think after you read it. What did you like? What do you wish it had more/less of. I’ve have a couple of copies of it.

i just got done reading it and it was pretty good, everything seemed to make since and i am going to apply some of what i read to my pitching

I’d like to hear your opinions, too. That’s one of the few pitching books I haven’t read. :oops:

How can this be? A Tom House co-authored book that Roger didn’t read? :shock:
Well it was a good one, the work outs are what we still use it for. Or arguments…when the old man isn’t being respected for his old fogie knowledge, Nolan usually has to prove me right in order to preserve my credability (Guys with teenaged sons all know, for some reason ours sons no longer believe we speak true things…)

I’m not sure how many books Tom House has authored/co-authored but I’ve only read three:

The Pitching Edge
Fit To Pitch
The Art and Science of Pitching

Of course, I’ve got a number of NPA videos, I’ve been through the coach’s certification and I am a member of the NPA’s website and get access to all of the articles they post there. To be honest, I don’t see much need to read his old stuff because things have changed so much. I’d rather just read the current stuff.

[quote=“Roger”]That’s one of the few pitching books I haven’t read.[/quote]Roger. Have you read Rushall and Mills’ new book? Even though I have a couple of items that I think are errors in it, it’s really a good read in that it challenges your whole belief system and uses references to scientific journals and studies to both support their contentions and debunk, supposedly, ones that we’ve all based our beliefs on. Agree with it or not (many won’t read it because of who it’s by. That’s a shame really.) it’s worth having as part of a complete library, if that’s what you’re after.

Smarter people than I will have to read the logic and determine if they have real points or have they erred in the same way they say others have.

Roger, maybe by email we could have a little discussion on some things I’ve been mulling about recently. Very thought provoking stuff. Email me if you’re interested. It’s about the role of muscular contraction in acceleration phase of the pitching action. Man, I’ve really got to get a life. :slight_smile: