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many of my teammates call me nolan ryan! which i think is obsured, but recently i looked at the way nolan ryan pitched and how he went through his mechanics. and i was shocked because i threw exactly the same way. ill be posting a video of me pitching soon so that everyone can see what i meen. another reason i get called nolan is because of how hard i throw the ball! im fourteen years old and throw between 70-77 mph. i personnally dont think i throw too fast. the question i want to ask is throwing 70-77mph fast for a 14 yr old pitcher? keep in mind that i play recreational ball and next year will be my first year of highschool. i have never had a pitching coach. i was also just wondering if anybody could tell me if i might have a chance in the pros one day? i recently went to a highschool baseball camp and i had my first session with a pitching coach. he told me that if i continued training with a pitching coach regularly that there was no doubt in his mind i would be throwing 5-10 mph faster! that means i could be throwing 80-87 or 75-82 mph right now!! and that blew my mind :shock: please review my post and leave comments! anything would be helpful thx :slight_smile:

I think 70-77 is above average for a 14yo. Whether or not you can improve 5-10mph would depend on what your your mechanics look like. However, if you’re already throwing with above average velocity right now then it stands to reason that you’re doing things right as it is so there might not be much room for such a big improvement.

i understand what ur talking about. i cant wait till my mechanics are great and i finally top out. im 6’0 ft right now and over this last summer i have been growing like a weed! my arms got extremely long and it started to feel weird when i threw a baseball again. it takes forever to bring my arm all the way back now :smiley:

70-77 is well above average for a 14 year old, thats about what I sat at when I was that old, I’m 16 now and I sit in the mid 80’s so yes, its feasible for you to throw much harder. Granted I have worked my ass off both on the field, and in the weight room to get where I am, but you can certainly get there if you push yourself. Hell if you end up 6’1 or 6’2, you could probably be on the better side of 90 by the time you graduate, but thats a long ways off.

Lift your weights, do your long toss, and stretch like your life depends on it, and you should some day throw the ball extremely hard.

thanks for replying :slight_smile: u brought up weight lifting and that brought up another question i have been wanting to know. when is the correct time to start weight lifting? and what type of excercises should i be doing?

Well your going to get a lot of different oppinions here. Your 14 or 15 if I remember, and you say your well into puberty, so lifting should be safe for you now. Just be careful, lift correctly, and don’t ever lift through pain.

And as for what you should be doing, you’ll hear some guys say don’t go heavy, guys who think 12-15 reps are the way to go, guys who think pitching is all about endurance. They are oldschool, and not correct. Pitching is a highly explosive act where you accelerate your arm, with help from your body, from 0-(potentially)90+ in less than half a second. You use your fast twitch, type A muscle fibers to do this, and those are trained best in the heavy, 3-6 rep range.
So what should you be doing? In my opinion, heavy compound lifts are the most efficient and effective way to work out. I’m talking Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress (Tho for a pitchers sake, DB Benchpress provides a superior workout), Pullups, etc… The more muscles you can involve per lift, the better. In addition, using pylometric movements like box jumps train your body to work in a syncronized, explosive manner. In the offseason, my routine looks as follows-

Lower Body (Legs)
Full, ATG (@ss to ground) Barbell squats, for 4 sets, first two being 12-15 rep warmups with moderate weight, and last two being 6-8 reps with a high weight.
Reclined Leg Press, HIGH Weight for all five sets in the 4-10 rep range, depending on the weight. Were talking 800 or so pounds here.
In between each weight set, I do one set of 10 reps of pylo box jumps, one where you start one leg on the box (18 inches), squat down, and explode over. The second, use a 12 inch box, and jump clear over. Third, a 36 inch box, leap onto the top. For my first four sets, during squats, I use 10 pound weights in each hand, during leg press, I just use bodyweight. My leg workout is ridiculously hard, I’ve thrown up more than once doing it, and commonly completely soak my shirts with sweat. But it pays. Oh and give yourself a good 2-4 minutes of rest, especially towards the end, your muscles need to synthesize more ATP for the type A muscle movements.

Day two- Back
Start with a couple sets of wide grip, bodyweight pullups. Move to one armed dumbell rows with high weight, 6-8 reps for 3 sets on each arm. Pulldowns for 3 sets of 6-8 reps, 3 sets of upright rows in the same rep range, 3 sets of straight arm lat pulldowns, and 3 sets of shrugs.
I know I said that heavy is the way to go as a pitcher, but with back, upright rows, straight arm lat pulldowns, and shrugs are all lifts that benefit from higher rep ranges, so you can feel the burn better.

Day three- Chest, etc…
4 sets of flat DB press, 6-10 reps, 3 sets of incline, 6-10. Cable Crossover flys (Higher reps for this one too), couple sets of burnout pushups. Some basic shoulder work, shoulder raises, avoid shoulder presses though. Weighted ab work, both “Crunch” type movements, and rotational work. Also, for the first 4 sets of flat DB, I do a pylo movement where you start with your hands in a wide pushup position ontop of two benches, go down, explode up, land in between the benches closer together, go down, explode back up to the benches. Absolutely kills. Chest work doesn’t need to as ridiculously intense as say, legs, but focus through the lifts and give your chest a good burn.

In addition to all this lifting, its important to stretch A TON. Proper lifting should actually increase your flexability, but a good ten minute static stretching session at the end of your workout helps with flexability, and decreases recovery time.

Make sure you eat a surplus of calories, get alot of good white meats, quality protein, veggies and fruits, good fats, complex carbs, and a protein supplement isn’t a bad idea either.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and good luck this year!

when i was 14 i threw the ball similar to you speed wise, i actually have the exact same mechanics as tim linecum, haha
and i think one day you could make it to the pros
Work hard and post post post those videos

Just keep working hard, and your velocity is above average, hell I’m 17 and I throw mid 70s, of course that has to do with my pitching style.

[quote=“canthitmysplitter”]when i was 14 i threw the ball similar to you speed wise, i actually have the exact same mechanics as tim linecum, haha
and i think one day you could make it to the pros
Work hard and post post post those videos[/quote]

who’s tim linecum?

I think hes an actor?