Nolan Ryan, Tim Lincecum, and Dick Mills

Am I missing something here? Mills is promoting the heck out of Tim Lincecum and Nolan Ryan’s pitching mechanics … but to my eye their mechanics no where near resemble each other. Look how far back (toward the first base bag) Lincecum leans when he separates his hands. Ryan doesn’t (he keeps his chest over his core). Look how much lower the ball is after Lincecum separates his hands. The ball path when Ryan separates his hands is different.

I feel like this is just a poor comparison … and analysis. Also, Lincecum’s stride is much longer than Ryan’s stride. Again, not similar.

And Ryan’s stride foot goes down, then out, close to the front of the mound. Lincecum’s foot is higher off the dirt when he strides. Again, not similar.


i definately agree, it seems liek he is just using two famous, or at least talked about guys who’s only real similarity is their longer strides, for his gain.

I also don’t see it. Lincecum’s back leg lifts high up in the air after release whereas Nolan Ryan’s stays fairly low

Ryan kept his back very erect and his chin straight over his belt buckle…

Here’s Lincecum arching his back…

Ryan’s leg lift is about 15 inches higher, too. And from the full windup, he brings his hands over his head, Lincecum doesn’t.

Check out how low Lincecum keeps his hands in this YouTubs video as he steps back and pivots…

Wow, that’s a pretty shoddy comparison if you ask me

Also if you look a Nolan Ryan frame by frame he doesn’t get his hip going as soon as he lifts his leg. Tim Lincecum as soon as he starts leg lift moves off the rubber.

Not the best comparison in the world.

hah its barely the best comparison in this particular thread.

What did Mills say exately about those two? Do you have the article. I’m just curious as to where he’s coming from they look very very different.

I don’t think he tries to compare their mechanics side by side, but more too point out things they do similarly that allow both of them to throw the heat they do/did.

Both take big rocker steps back, which he preaches is a big step in getting a pitchers forward momentum going.

They both completely blow off the balance point, which is another thing he uses. He says that balance points leak potential energy, and hes right there.

Overall, I think he just uses these men as models for what he considers the 21st century pitcher, someone who uses their mechanics explosively to get the most out of their body.

nolan ryan doesn’t blow through the balance point he hits the balance point. Then as soon as he put’s it down a little then he strides with the hip. Lincecum when lifting his leg is gaining ground NOLAN RYAN DOESN"T DO THAT.

It actually look like Lincecum jumps off of the rubber and hes jumping instead of just striding.

he is side lunging off the rubber yes because his stride is I think over 100%.

Not really, there is never really a point in Ryans delivery where he could stop and balance, he is always moving forward. This is the main element in what Mills is preaching, keeping as much energy as possible moving so it does not dissipate.

Sorta’ seems like Mills is endorsing House because House was Ryan’s pitching coach.

I don’t know how you can say that. The first clip of Ryan above starts too late in the delivery to determine at what point he starts forward. The second clip of Ryan above is from behind which also makes it difficult to determine at what point he starts forward.

However, I’ve seen enough clips of Ryan to know that he definitely does NOT pause at the balance point.


However, I’ve seen enough clips of Ryan to know that he definitely does NOT pause at the balance point.[/quote]

I don’t know of ANY pitcher who pauses at the balance point, do you? And you’re right, Roger: It’s very ironic that Mills has jumped on the Nolan Ryan bandwagon. That’s Tom House territory. :slight_smile:

And he’s jumped on the Lincecum bandwagon … a pitcher who uses weighted baseballs and long tosses regularly. Where’s “coachxj” when you need him??

[quote=“Steven Ellis”][quote=“Roger”]

However, I’ve seen enough clips of Ryan to know that he definitely does NOT pause at the balance point.[/quote]

I don’t know of ANY pitcher who pauses at the balance point, do you?[/quote]
Take a look at Doug Davis on the Diamondbacks. He probably comes as close as anyone to pausing at the balance point. Drives me crazy.

House has been pushing getting the hips going and building momentum for a few years now. I have the impression that Mills started pushing the same more recently but I don’t know that for sure. From what I hear, however, Mills takes the idea to more of an extreme. In any case, Ryan is a good example of the concept.

Be careful what you wish for. :twisted: (always wanted to use that one)

roger Frame by Frame on

thats how i could tell

Doug Davis video clips…

I’d never heard of this guy before. But with that “abbreviated leg lift” balance thing he does, it doesn’t surprise me he throws so slowly.

Dan Haren pretty much pauses at his leg lift and he throws pretty well.