Nolan got shelled

First time I can remember, Nolan got shelled and chased in the 2nd inning. School ball, the kids weren’t great hitters. Okay, there are mitigating circumstances (the other team’s coach umped from behind the rubber, didn’t give Nolan the outside corner where he lives) but still, wow. 9 runs in 1 2/3 innings, don’t know how many hits, but they were hit hard. And he seemed to be throwing big red beach balls up there.

In his last outing in a February tournament, he took a no hitter into the 5th inning and ended up giving up 2 hits and no earned runs against a team far and away superior to the team he had his collapse against. I suppose it may have been playing down to the competition, or maybe nerves for the first time pitching for his school (although nerves have never been an issue in the past), but I think its his mechanics. His pitching coach slowed him down to the point where he gets zero momentum to the plate. His velo has dropped from a high of 81 last year to a (questionable gun) high of 73 just last week. Huh? How do yo lose that kind of velo, and not have any complaints of pain, soreness or tiredness? My answer: mechanical problems.

I don’t know. Shocked the hell out of me. I went in thinking I was going to see my son dominate. lol

Best laid plans, huh? The worst part is that he will no longer take advice from his poor old dad…who he’s been throwing harder than since he was 13 hehhehheh. Sigh.


tell him to throw away the new mechs. a drop like that could be the reason he got hit so hard. plus he couldnt get the corner so he started coming down the middle.73mph meatballs are gonna get the the cover torn off

Nolan went 2 hitless innings today with 2 k’s, no BB, and was throwing well. Two errors on routine grounders put a runner on in each inning, but no damage done. He worked faster, and didn’t pause at the top of his knee lift, so I guess he does listen to old pop once in a while. His velo was up from last week, and his curveball was outstanding, breaking hard, late, and for strikes.