Nokona Gloves

I have been shopping around for a new glove since i outgrew my old one. i noticed the brand nokona and they are realy cool looking, but are really expensive. Is the glove worth the 170 dollars that it costs? and is there anywhere to buy it cheap?

I just bought a nokona a few days ago. It was completely worth the $$. It has higher quality leather that the Wilson a2000s and the A2K’s. Way higher quality than the Rawlings Heart of the Hides. I got mine for $150 at a local sporting goods store, and you can find them online for that price.

Here is the cheapest place I could find them online. I have one from the American Pro series with the walnut leather. I highly recommend anything in that series.

ya nokona’s are eally good. they will last you a lifetime.
this is the one i have.

not really lol but i wsh i did. but i really have that exact one but black

I dont use them but my brother has one, it took some time to break in but he loves it and its held up really well. Its like 3 years old and you can hardly tell its been used. I like rawlings pro preferred gloves but I will honestly say they dont hold up as well as nokonas.

I have had a nakona for a little longer than a year and the main and only problem I’ve had with it was breaking it in. Due to the quality of the leather it took quite a while to break in but once it did it felt terrible to wear anything else. It practicly catches the ball it’s self and it has more padding than a catchers mitt. It is the best glove I’ve ever seen. You would be crazy not to spend the extra money for a glove that will last a life time. I say do it. All the way!

nokonas are the nicest gloves you could get. i got one 2 years ago and it still feels great. completely worth the money! but you gotta keep using it i had a season ending injury and when i started using it again i had t o almost re-break it in! GET NOKONA.

Ya im thinking one of these or worth