Nokona Bloodline

Any of you guys tried these gloves yet? they look pretty sick!

From what I’ve heard their looks are about it.

It looks like the Rawlings Primo. I prefer my Wilson A2K :smiley:

I use a nokona american pro model for pitching and swear by it. Best glove I’ve ever owned… granted I’ve only owned four or five gloves. :lol:

Meh, I don’t think I’ll ever go away from the Wilson A700

Here’s the review someone left on my website about the Nokona Bloodline amg1175blh model.

by Cody
(Bedford MA)

I just got this glove 3 days ago and it is already conformed to my hand, I play third base and the 11.75 is the perfect size, the designs are great and I can’t wait for the season to get it going! I would definetly recomend it!!!

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