Nokona BloodLine

Yes or no.

The glove looks sick but some of my friends say nokonas suck.

Im Thinking of this one.

my friend has a nokona, last years high end model. I like it, the leather is real nice. I prefer rawlings over all though.

They’re OK. A little thicker and heavier than most gloves, which I never liked as a pitcher. But my catcher in college swore by them. I liked really light gloves (Zett).

[quote=“cameron20”]Yes or no.

The glove looks sick but some of my friends say nokonas suck.

To each his own I say.

From the looks of the glove, it will be very stiff for a long time, difficult to break in. The type of leather its made from is fairly low grade steer hide (“prime” is a lower grade than heart of the hide which is lower than kip) which can make a glove very stiff and unforgiving especially if allowed to get wet. It looks heavy and the laces are very thick, as thick as I’ve ever seen. This makes a mitt very hard to break in properly or at all, and you’ll really have to love that mitt to death, especially the top of the web where the laces are rounded over.

Just me, but I think you can do better for the price. Heck, if you’re interested in something in that price range, you might look into a custom glove.

On the other hand, if it really turns your happy crank, try finding a brick and mortar in your town that carries them and try one on to see how it feels.


and regarding the stiffness, his is still stiff as a board, as is my rawlings that i got around the same time. I hate floppy gloves. its all about personal preference when it comes to gloves.

I really want this glove now

Just got a Heart of the Hide for Christmas on ebay for 130 which is a really good deal. I got a little lucky though, exately what I wanted. 2 piece solid burgendy 11.5 I like stiffer leather and this is perfect. My friend had a pro preferred and it was so stiff they could hardly break it in? If you say cheap leather is stiff why would those gloves be so stiff? I like stiff gloves, HOH is stiffer than the Rawlings gold glove but not as stiff as pro preferred. In Rawlings is it higher quality stiffer the glove?

At a camp I went to with some very good players, every instructor there had played at least college or pro ball and they said infield should be stiff gloves, which I agree with. Especially when it comes to turning two.