Noah Syndergaard Slider


I dont know if any of you have been keeping up with the mets lately, but their power armed starter, Noah Syndergaard, is throwing unhittable 90+ MPH sliders. I would like to know is he doing something different with his slider that’s giving him this added velocity on his slider that other high velocity pitchers like him that throw sliders aren’t.


His velo is massive all the way around.
He has thrown multiple 100 mph pitches in games this year…something many teams have not done for entire seasons. So, his stuff is rare.
I don’t think his slider is remarkable other than it is harder than most, has late break and he can locate it.


He throws the Warthen Slider which is a bit of a hybrid between a cutter and slider where it has higher velo with a later smaller sharp break.


Didn’t know it had a special name. Late break over big, more velo and location.