No whip motion when throwing, throwing with arm only


I am currently 17, and I’ve been playing for the past 5 years. I pitched most of that time. I am 6’3" and throw no more than 70mph. The reason for this is that I cannot figure out the correct technique for my pitch. I played waterpolo when I was young and throwing there is 100% arm only (because your whole body is in water). That is what I am doing now, and I can’t magnage to change it. When I pitch, it feels like the ball is dead somehow, no force behind it. There were a few moments in my pitchng career in which I felt my arm was like a whip and used my glove arm to “pull down” while my right arm felt like a catapult. I played 2 games like that, and right after that I came back to my old technique for some reason. With my current state I barely hit strikes and throw pretty slow, and my arm hurts after a few pitches. It feels exactly like I’m using only my thin arm instead of my legs and back to throw. What do you think I could do to get the loose catapult-like feeling technique again? I’ve been trying for quite some time now and I not being able to pitch decently is really discouraging. Thanks!


Bump. I’ve been feeling this lately as well. I’m having trouble finding the whip in my motion