No throwing partner

I was wondering what I should do on days I have no one to pitch to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hate that man, it really sucks…for me i have a bucket of balls about 25-30 and i just go our local baseball field and just throw off the mound using those…definitely not the same as having a target to throw to but better than nothing

Yea I have pitched to a backstop before but it just didn’t seem right. Does anybody else do that or is it just us?

I used to use a pitchback…then i got quicker and throw baseballs through it :(. Then i used the back of my house with tennis balls, i hollowed out the brick work and had to stop doing that. Now i go to the local ground and throw into the cage.

I hate the days i have no one to throw with :(!!

A bucket of balls and a cone…you know a safety cone like a phone company guy uses, tops out at around mid-thigh level and you can’t really break it. I had to quit catching my son inside (His stuff moves and the light is bad), so if his coach is standing next to him working drills or tweaking mechs, he has him throw at a cone which sits on the plate.

My son used to set a ball on a tee and then pitch at it trying to hit the ball on the tee with the ball he threw. Good practice aiming at a small target.

Aim small, miss small!

Welcome to my world…I can NEVER get someone to catch me…

I’ll normally goto the local highschool/jr high/elementary school with a roll of duct tape and a tape measure. Find the handball courts and measure out a few distances for long toss purposes and tape up a couple “x’s” on the wall for different spots in the strike zone. I normally only take one ball as they get torn up very quickly, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I travel for a living so there have been times where I had to use other places, but typically any brick/block wall works perfectly. Its also nice because you can take your time, throw at your own pace at your own distance and work on things without having to worry about someone nagging at you. Only problem is…no feedback.