No throwing partner

I don’t have a pitch back. And sometimes I find myself with the urge to throw. But sometimes I don’t have partner to throw with. What do I do? ANY suggestions are appreciated.

Throw into a field

Throw into a fence

Throw against a wall

Just find the space and throw you don’t need someone to catch the only benefit to having someone catch is you don’t have to Chase down the ball. Bring a bucket full of balls throw’m all go gather them up and throw them back the other way.

I tried throwing at a small skinny tree a long time ago when I was new to pitching. It REALLY helped me with my control. Then I bought a pitching net. I use this for long toss and pitching of course now.

It’s currently sold out on Amazon, but I have this.

Use a batting cage. Set up nitting tees on either side of the plate and work your pitches in between. For long toss pick a high spot or hang a target high on the net and long toss to the target.

As you can see you have a problem with many solutions. If the guys you play with are lazy and dont want to get their throwing in dont, dont, dont let that influence you getting your work done. Find a way.