No seam fast ball

read this is is the most ridiculous thing I ever read.

'avoid throwing it right down the plate’
and wut he/shes is talking about is a knuckleball

I believe this is what’s know as a dry-spitter.

[quote=“Popular Mechanics”]
Dry Spitter
The dry spitter is thrown with your fingers on the hide as opposed to the seams of the baseball. Before the spitter was made illegal, hurlers would put saliva on the ball to reduce friction, and it would sort of squirt out of their hand like a pingpong ball. These days, the pitcher can have a little coating of mound dirt on his fingers. This also reduces friction. The ball comes out with virtually no spin and will sink as it reaches the plate.[/quote]


Basically a forkball/knuckleball. Little rotation and tumbling action.