No rocker-pivot? No leg lift?


Over the past few weeks, my brother has been throwing preparing for his first high school season. I have him start his warmups in a position we called “Rodney’s” named after Fernando Rodney (similar to hook ems really), where he starts in a set position, gets his hips moving and breaks his hands later; followed with a imaginary bow n arrow shot to the sky (just kidding). He’s consistent throwing this way. The ball comes out easy with an extra zip compared to when he lifts his leg.

It looks something like this (except its 80 mph, not 100):

I’ll remind you from previous posts I’ve made; he loses control and posture early in his delivery. His shin drops over his back toe, he hunches at the waist and loses his head control. This results in poor direction and a sweeping leg mid-air with an aggressive glove arm that pulls him off when he lands. The entire delivery is a result of poor balance/control/stability into and out of his leg lift. When I start him set he doesn’t have time to lose his posture because his first movement is forward with his hips. It’s quick, efficient, repeatable, and he truly does throw a few mph harder without a leg lift.

Should he throw this way in games? We would continue to work on his balance/stability/control with a rocker-pivot and leg lift on off days so one day he could throw that way but as of right now and this season, I don’t think it’s his most efficient way to throw. What are your guys’ thoughts?


I like it a lot if he can get his timing properly sync’d up. Doesn’t surprise me that he’s likely getting a little more pop, too. Post a video of him if you get the opportunity. Good stuff!

PS- If you put a YouTube video link on its own line, it will embed it.


Speeding up one’s delivery often helps as it removes extra time from the delivery - time that must be filled with doing something and time in which to mess up.

I think Stephen nailed it. Nothing wrong with what you have him doing as long as he sequences thing properly and times things well.