Every thing was going fine up until my 3rd dig. In the end i K’d 3 and gave up 2 hits… there the only good things, I walked 10 and hit 2 batters. I wasnt HAPPY, and then i got dragged :frowning: understandably

Never be happy when you are unsuccessful…but what did you learn? Why were you so wild? The title says rhythm, what did you attempt to do during the outing, to fix it? Did your coach or catcher or dad or friends say you were doing anything they noticed? This is how guys who get serious about pitching analyze when they are unsuccessful, I say unsuccessful because you can pitch great and lose, or you can stink up the place and win, success means you go out there and accomplish what you want to do in your game plan, Greg Maddux for example, considers himself “successful” if he pitches 200 or more innings in a year, why? Well he knows if he’s on the mound until the later innings, he gives his team the best chance to win…his record proves it. So it should be the way you start looking at the way you throw as you mature. Learn from “the worst outing ever”, my bet is that on some given day in the future, if you keep pitching, you’ll have many better and most likely one or two worse days on the mound…How you analyze and adjust will determine if you will be great or good at what ever level you reach.

Failure is the key to success.

Bower, i liked that quote you had in a bulletin i was looking at yesterday. it might have even been in a bulletin i posted. it was that Michael Jordan quote.

Since you referenced rythym …

Way way back in the day , rythym was EVERYTHING for me , and in between starts I worked on it in front of Mom’s full length mirror every day . Seriously, I spent some time every day going thru my windup, without throwing a ball . It was the single most important thing that helped me to have consistent mechanics ( and occaisonal success ). 5 minutes a day … guys . I dont care what kind of mechanics you have but you must be able to repeat them consistently to be successful .

Hey, nothing fancy here … but it works .

i would recommend what terprhp said. i do it alot in-season to get down muscle memory. and yes it does work.

Thanks for the help guys. terprhp i to go through my motions atleast 5 mins a day and my parents hate it lol.

I asked my coach(players 1stbase), catcher and the third basemen, each of these with a diferent veiw. My coach said i wasnt loading properly and all i was doing was “guiding” the ball. My catcher notice each pitch i had a different armslot, i too noticed this. And the third baseman noticed my leg lift was inconsistant.

This thursday im throwing a bullpen, im going to be working no my mechanics (trying to make them consistant) and hitting my spots

Don`t push the panic button after a bad start. It puts un needed pressure on your next one. Just stay relaxed man your fine. I promise everyone in here has had a day similiar to that (or more). Learn from it.

How did you prepare before the game?
Were you on short rest?
How did your body feel before the game?
Any illness you ar recovering from?
Was is expecially colder?

Just stuff like that can make all the differences if you are not used to adapting to them.

Once again…no not panic, your fine.

Good Luck next time man let me know how it goes.