No radar gun


I want to know how fast I throw without a radar gun, do you know any apps that have stopwatches? On iPhone?


I’ve yet to see sn accurate one on my phone. To prevent you from wasting your time, I’d just reccomend doing the math behind it.


Save up $100 and find a Bushnell on eBay, you’ll find plenty of them for a little less. Need to use at close range and will probably be a little off. Still closer than the other methods you’re considering.


I don’t can’t save up for one right at this moment, I’m in college and have summer school and can’t get a job. Is there any method that gives a rough estimation?


There’s a way to find out exactly, doing math.


If you take video, know the distance between the release point and the catchers glove, and have a time stamp on the video in ms, you can calculate the average velocity, but not the exit velocity. For example…

47 feet / 5280 feet per mile X 3600 seconds per hour / .5 seconds hand to glove is 64 mph average, probably around 68 mph exit… Just remember you can’t use the distance from mound to plate as the release point is obviously closer to the plate, but off set by the catcher sitting behind the plate.


Interesting way to do it, I always converted to FPS and then converted than to MPH. Your way is much more efficient.


My way does it too…just all at once… 5280 feet per mile, 3600 seconds per hour. I’m too lazy to calc feet per second then convert it :wink:


There is an app for apple products that requires you to set the distance and then manually start and stop the button, you need to be good at getting it exact and have good video. Even if you are it’s just rough and not exact.


I use is CMV+ app. Cost $3.99.

Make sure to use app to record video at 240fps or better. Video from the side. Has very accurate stop watch in app.

Start at release. End at plate.

Take mound distance minus stride length. That is close to release to plate distance. Adjust back as needed.

Formula I use:

Distance​:heavy_division_sign:Time then :heavy_multiplication_x:️ .682 = Avg velocity over the distance.

Then to get release velocity:

Distance​:heavy_division_sign:2 then :heavy_division_sign: 5.5 (the factor for drag on a baseball) and add to avg speed and you will have speed at release.

So last pitch my 12 year old threw sat from 50 feet. Releases at 46 ft. His time from release to plate was .480 sec.

46​:heavy_division_sign:.480=95.833 then 95.833 :heavy_multiplication_x:️ .682= 65.35 avg mph for the distance.

46➗2=23 feet. 23➗5.5=4.18 mph add to avg.
4.18 + 65.35= 69.53 mph at release. Do the same but subtract 4.18 from avg to get speed at the plate.

I’ll clean up an example if people want it.