No movement on pitches off the mound

Hi all. I’m a lefty with a movement issue. When I throw off flat ground I get great glove-side cutting action on my 4 seamer and good tailing action on my 2-seam. Then when I get on a mound everything is dead straight. No movement at all. As far as I know I’m not changing my mechanics. Any idea why this might be happening and how to fix it? I don’t throw hard enough to blow people away so I need as much movement as possible. Thanks in advance everyone.

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That’s a great question. Bump?

Your grip? When pitching, is your thumb directly under your middle finger? This helped my son get good glove side action.

You must be changing something between mound and flat ground. We’d need to see a video comparison to identify what it is.

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grip, follow through would be where I would look first. Do a self video analysis of flat ground and mound including your grip and see what you find out.

what the others have said, the only thing I’d add is check your back foot. Are you dragging the back toe more/further on flat ground? This will often lead to a tighter rotation (more spin) on the ball.