No longer an amateur

Hi all. I’ve been on this site for a short amount of time, but now I am ready to make my log. I will try to be as honest as possible.

Here is some info on me.

Name: Daniel Lutfy

Grade: Freshman

Birth date: 11/21/96. I am a young freshman.

Velocity: Sit at 65-67

Long term goals: Be the best I can be, have no regrets, always work hard.

Shorter term goals: 1. Gain muscle mass, become more athletic. 2. Gain 9-11 mph on my fastball, while perfecting my off-speed pitches. 3. Perfect my mechanics, and try to stay injury free.

How I will accomplish this:

  1. Working hard, sticking to Steven’s TUFF CUFF. (Which I highly recommend a serious ballplayer should buy.)
  2. Never giving in, continue to work on my mechanics and so on so on.
  3. Have time management, I also would like to make honors in high school all 4 marking periods.

I know I am young, (13 years old). But I feel I am mature enough to have this log.

If anyone would like to follow my workouts, I am currently on phase 1, week 6 in TUFF CUFF. I am starting week 6 workouts on Monday, July 5, 2010.

Thank you for reading this. I hope baseball is in my life for many years to come.

Had a small workout today. With TUFF CUFF, I workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I use the other days to to small, but effective workouts.


I basically used an H20 Swiss ball. I just threw it around, ran with it, and did a bunch of stuff. It’s a great tool to use.

I also played light catch. My arsenal is 4 seam, and 2 seam fastball, circle change, and a curveball. Right now everything is working good. I will continue to work.

I’ll post on Monday next.

No workout today, workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. I threw a 62 pitch bullpen session. My fastball velo and command right now is good. I just changed my arm action from being very long, so I shortened it up. Changeup was good. My curveball needs work. Sometimes I throw a good one, then one not so good. But I’m still learning it, and I’ll keep working at it.

I play Tuesday for an AAU team in northern Jersey. Not sure if I’ll pitch, we’ll just wait and see.

Will post workout tomorrow.

And I’m still weighting for my whey protein to be delivered. It takes so long! :slight_smile:

Hey guys. Today I got up at 7 and when to my local ball field. I threw, took groundballs, and shagged some flyballs. Really worked hard to improve my game today at the field, I also took some swings. It’s looking good.

Here’s my workout.

  1. Squat- 2 sets of 15-65 pounds

  2. Forward Lunge- 2 sets of 12- 20 pounds

  3. Leg Extension- 2 sets of 12- 40 pounds

  4. Leg Curl- 2 sets of 12- 20 pounds

  5. Calf Raise-2 sets of 15- 20 pounds

  6. Body weight plyometric exercises.

    1. Diagonal hop- 1 set of 6- Check
    2. Skater lunge- 1 set of 6- Check
    3. Split jump- 1 set of 6- Check.
  7. Wrist Curl- 2 sets of 15- tubing

  8. Wrist Extension- 2 sets of 15-tubing


200 yards 4 sets: Check

2 60 yard sprints: Check


  1. Straight Crunch- 1 rep of 12- Check

  2. Scissor Kick-Check

  3. 90 degree feet crunch-Check

  4. V-crunch- Check.

My next workout is on Wednesday. Will post then. [/u]

Hey guys, I know I said I was working out on Wednesday, then on Friday, but I found out I am pitching tomorrow, so I moved my workouts to Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Here is my workout today:

Light dumbbell exercises. (All 2 reps of 12, 2.5 pounds.)

  1. Post Delt
  2. Lateral Raise
  3. Full Can
  4. Anterior Raise
  5. External Rotation
  6. Internal Rotation

Functional Strength:

  1. D.B row. 2 sets of 12=20 pounds

  2. Chest press. 2 sets of 15=20 pounds.

  3. Shrug. 2 sets of 12=20 pounds

  4. Tricep extension. 2 sets of 12=20 pounds.

  5. Bicep curl. 2 sets of 12=15 pounds.

  6. Lat pulldown. 2 sets of 12=50 pounds.

Med ball plyometric:

  1. Vertical chess press. 1 rep of 7=15 pounds.

  2. Reverse rotational throw. 1 rep of 7=15 pounds.


200 yards 4 sets.
60 yard sprints 2 sets.

Core: All 1 set of 12

  1. Leg up
  2. Roll up
  3. Diagonal crunch
  4. Diagonal extension crunch

I also threw a short bullpen today. I was wild. I really need to work on my control, and I need to perfect my mechanics. In a way I am looking forward to the off season because this is the first time in my life I am really taking baseball seriously, and I know how much better I will get.

im starting to like these workouts. Is this what the book is telling you to do?

LTadrian wrote

Yes it is. Right now I am in phase 1 which is low intensity and high volume. I assume its this way because were in the middle of the season. As you move along in the phases you will see more intensity, but less volume.

I highly recommend you purchase this book

i think i should. its gonna take me a while to get the money

hi guys, ive been busy lately and havn’t had a chance to update.

Will post workout today later. I start week 7 phase 1 on Monday.