~~*~~ (No Longer a) College Pitcher - Pro aspirations

Back on my teams regime so i have a log in my folder.

less then 40 days until we open up against Boston College.

Throwing well today. We swam today.

Lift tomorrow

HAH, if you play for them this summer, let me know. Don’t you guys play at Shirley Povich field? My summer teams play there occasionally…great field.
I live within shouting distance of the Silver Spring/Takoma Park Thunderbolts, so I’ll come see you whether you like it or not. 8)

ps: sorry for resurrecting your thread.

im assuming you go to UMaine?

gs looks to have had some good games so far…hope all is well

Well I just found this and i figured i’d update it because well, its been awhile.

Put on 15 pounds since the last time i posted on here. Actually used to have abs but now i kind of have a gut like thing. My 3 mile time dropped from 16:50 to 17:35.

I am however consistently sitting 90 finally. Here is my season so far!

1st Game - 2 innings of relief against Villanova, 0 ER blown save.

2nd Game - Start against #7 Miami - went into the 5th couldn’t record an out so 4 innings 6 runs (all earned) ERA jumps from 0 to 11.11

3rd Game - 6 innings against George Washington U 1 hit 0 runs - ERA goes from 11.11 to 5.56

4th Game - 9 inning complete game against UPenn - 3 hits 3 runs (all earned) ERA goes from 5.56 to 4.43 (9 innings in 113 pitches, 1 walk 10 k’s)

5th Game - 7 innings against UMES picking up my 3rd win. 6 walks 7 k’s 4 runs (all earned) ERA goes UP to 4.61

6th Game - (first bad start) 5 innings against Quinnipiac 4 runs (all earned)

7th Game - 6 innings against Long Island University 1 run (not earned) 3 hits.

Few good notes - 1st in conference with Opponents batting AVG .235 5th in the conference in Strikeouts looking with 15 of my 27.

Bad Notes 27-22 K to BB ration. 2nd in conference in hit batters with 8 in 38 innings.

Now everyone is up to speed - my next start is Saturday. I started the season as our Friday guy but i’m being bumped to Saturday for the 7 inning games in the hopes that i get a few more complete games.

As far as my working out goes. I haven’t been working out in season at all. Just long tossing and throwing pens.

Wednesday threw an inning against Penn State. Faced 3 batters. 10 fastballs later i was out of the inning with 3 pop ups.

The appearence was just a “bullpen” for my start on saturday, but I don’t think my coach thought it would be over in 10 pitches.

Pretty excited for Saturday’s start. Should be a team I throw a complete game shut out against.

Well didn’t throw a complete game. Didn’t make it past the third inning. Two three run homeruns with 2 outs knocked me out of the game pretty early. Fortunately we won but my era went from 4.19 to 5.40.

While i was 5th in the conference in era now dropped to out of the top 15. Yikes.

5.40 isn’t gunna help me get drafted :confused: If i go 15 scoreless innings that would get me down to under 4 again.

I am still currently 70th in the nation (division I) in hits per 9 innings and opponants batting average.

I haven’t had a decision since May 25th. I’m stuck at 3-2 and my era is 4 scoreless innings away from being back to under 5.

Our team is on the brink of not making the conference tournament which would be foreign to me.

I would really love to go back to the college world series, but a good chunk of that pressure is on me to perform.

Started the season our friday starter now im down to Saturday.

Were playing Central Connecticut state and its a huge series, they are in 1st in the conference.

Got the win against CCSU.

6 innings 3 runs all earned. We won 4-3.

One weekend series left.

Had a no hitter going into the 4th. Gave up 4 straight singles. Our team ended up making 5 errors (very unusual at this level of play) then unfortunately the other pitcher threw a shutout.

Well i threw a complete game at least. 3 earned runs. 1 walk 4 k’s

Season came to an abrupt halt with a series of unfortunate events.

Well I will post my finals stats for my Junior year in Division I baseball.

5.06 4-3 12 9 2 0/0 0 58.2 50 40 33 28 41 10 1 4 206 .243 4 13 0 4 4

Well to sort that mess out… 5.06 ERA. Not great but as a starter in aluminum bat division I its nothing too bad.

Giving up 7 runs to UMiami in the beginning of the year kind of set me back.

5.06 era good for 10th in the conference.
4-3 record.
12 appearences 9 starts. 2 complete games.
58.2 innings pitched.
50 hits allowed. 1st in conference.
40 runs, 33 earned.
28 walks
41 strikeouts
10 doubles, 1 triple, 4 hr’s.
.243 opponents batting avg. Good for best in the conference.
4 wild pitches.
13 hit batters - also good for 2nd in conference.

Soooo more detailed stuff

Lefties hit .180 righties .269
.281 avg with runners on base.
.214 with bases empty
.220 with 2 outs

even more detailed

7.6 hits per 9 innings. #67 in the entire country (division I)
6.29 K’s per game
1.5 K to BB ratio.
8 stolen bases on 13 attempt

Im gunna need to up pretty much all those numbers next year if i want to have any shot at being drafted.

Summer Baseball is starting. Haven’t had any calls or contact from any organization so I dont think my name will be called June 9th or 10th.

Im not too worried because its not much of a surprise. 5’11 rhp 87-90 jr in college probably not a hot commodity.

Got a better chance next year.

A good summer would help as well.

Congrats on a heck of a junior season.

Out of curiousity, what league are you headed to for summerball?

Cal Ripken Collegiate

So summer ball has been fairly successful - kind of.

I’m 0-3 but i have a 2.67 era in 26 innings. I’ve thrown a complete game loss where we lost 2-0 and we have scored 0 runs in 3 of my 4 starts.

good stuff - 6+ innings per start, 190 opp ba

bad stuff - only 11 k’s in 26 innings. 12 walks!

The option to stop working hard because things aren’t going your way is NOT an option.

Today in the weight room I hit two personal goals. I squatted the most i’ve ever squated and i benched the most ive ever benched.

Adhering to the TuffCuff warmup i got loose pretty good.

After that I hit the squat rack.

225 x 12
275 x 12
315 x 10
375 x 6
405 x 6
455 x 4
475 x 4

Then i was able to throw 5 plates on each side and get 3 reps of 495

I didn’t put the 2 and 1/2 pounds to make an even 500 because well, i wasn’t ready to try it.

Anyway i was able to rep out 3 and i’m confident i could keep going.

I also was able to rep out 3 at 225 on the bench which is a new personal best as well…

4 weeks until we open up against Davidson.

squatted an even 500 today. Got the 5 plates on and threw on the 2 1/2’s

Did so many sprints today… I’m dead beat.

Also pitched for a Houston Astros scout the other day.

10 sets of 10 at 225 today on the squat rack.

85 pitch bullpen at 9 oclock.

So we have had the whole week off from school except monday and tuesday. Tomorrow is canceled.

I have been doing therabands and backburners in my room but I can’t do any weight lifting.

We open up against Davidson february 26th. I’m certain i’ll be the opening day starter.

Stupid question

You have yourself as a Junior in College in Dec. 2007

Are you still in college 3 years later? Did you redshirt?

:oops: I"m just trying to figure out if you meant you were in high school in 2007