~~*~~ (No Longer a) College Pitcher - Pro aspirations

I’m heading to the gym right now so I will post that later.

Background Info -
Junior in College
Sinker, Curve, Slider, Change

I will post anything such as my charts, lifting, throwing, jobes and theraband.

This I feel will be very helpful

Freshman Yr 06/07
Sophomore Yr 07/08
Junior Yr 08/09
Senior Yr 09/10
Future -??

Thursday December 27 2007

Drank a serving of Cytogainer before i headed to the Frozen Ropes facility.

Warmed up Theraband exercises.

Threw from the stationary position 5 mins(90 ft
Threw from the stretch 5 minutes(90 ft
Threw from shuffle for 5 minutes or more(Long toss
threw change up from shuffle (90 ft
45 ft change ups and curveballs

did towel drills

did my jobes and therabands.

now at the gym

235 10x
255 8x
255 6x
285 4x

DB Bench
70 10x
70 7x
75 5x

I did more than that but nothing worth posting.

I was constantly on the theraband in between lifts

Friday December 28 2007

Could not get to the frozen ropes facility where i work out.

Lifted at USM (University of Southern Maine)

DB Bench
70 x 10
70x 2
70x 6
65x 5

Leg Press

alot of theraband

pretty sore today. Not enough sleep last night.

day off today.

i’ll do jobes and therabands eventually i hope

Saturday December 30 2007

another day off gyms closed.

geez man, if the gyms are closed, do something at least. Run a little bit, do some pushups, sprints, whatever.

Haha, believe me pal…I’m on my winter break from school where my entire life is training.

You say you want to be a division I baseball player?? Well you can rest assure that your days off will be few and far in between.

Sometimes the best training is resting.

I’m already at where you want to be so I know what it takes to get there.

Monday December 31st 2007

Jobes, Theraband - no throwing.

all right cool :slight_smile:

Tuesday January 1st 2008

10 inches of snow hit maine - No where to go. Will throw in basement.

Jobes and therabands

Drove 10 hours from Maine to Maryland

Hitting the weights today

Monday January 7th 2008

Threw briefly in backyard. Very old school style just tossing the baseball around.

people often forget that baseball is at the core, still a game, i went out with my girlfriend today just to throw the ball around, while i may not have accomplished much, it was amazing and so much fun.

It’s sure something i want to do alot more of.

Wednesday January 9th 2008

Threw with teammate for the first time since before christmas break. Threw well and effortlessly.

Went to the local Y under his little brothers card and lifted.

Squat - 135 x 10
215 x 10
230 x 7
250 x 5

DB Bench - 70 x 10
70 x 7
70 x 7

Wednesday January 9th 2008

Threw in a field for 20 minutes. Shoulder feels great. Ready for the season to start.

went to the YMCA

Dumbell Dead lift to toe raise -
90 x 10
90 x 7
90 x 4

DB Incline
55 x 10
65 x 7
70 x 6

Single Leg Leg Press
175 x 10
200 x 10

nice little ab workout and jobes n therabands.

ran a mile

played pickup basketball

Today was pretty cool.

I forgot to mention my new supplement i’ll add it in a new reply.

Thursday January 10 2008

YMCA Lift in Hagerstown Maryland.

Preacher Curls


Straight Bar Curls

65 x 10
65 x 8
65 x 8

DB Curls

30 x meh dunno

Tricep Pull downs and Overhead crushers etc.

Abs for 20 minutes.

Threw a WEIGHTED ball for a solid 20 minutes in the raquetball court.

Creadrive is the new supplement i’m taking.

I still have about 20 servings worth of cytogainer, but i’m putting that on hold until i get back to school.

Creadrive is obviously a creatine product.

As far as they go this product is my favorite to use. I have previously used it before college and sometime during college. It’s especially cheap on gold card days and I could buy a couple months supply for 30 dollars.

Friday January 11th 2008

Lift at the gym

Alternate DB Bench
55 x 20
60 x 16
65 x 12
70 x 8

during some cable pull downs i pinched a nerve in my back/neck so i stopped lifting.

Threw with the weighted ball again. So Taboo in the baseball world :wink:

[quote=“MaineBall”] lifting.

Threw with the weighted ball again. So Taboo in the baseball world ;)[/quote]

Only if you’re Dick Mills

I know a few programs that look down on weighted balls. UMaryland for one.

Driving from Baltimore to my school today, no time to workout. Nice to take a saturday off anyway

Back at school, had a great longtoss outside. Maryland weather has been kind so far.

Team meeting tonight, we have a new transfer from Florida.