I had the best game of my life yesterday my location was awesome speed wasnt there but i still pitched 4 innings 1bb 8k 0runs 1 hit on an error tho

Sweet! Congrats!


great job, although, technically, you didnt get the no-hitter :wink:


y does an eror count as a hit

A no-hitter (aka no-no). Is when you pitch a complete game and give up no hits. COMMON SENSE

I think what strictly recreational means is that you didn’t pitch all of the 6 innings or however long the game was
and maybe the error may have been scored a hit by the scorer
great jon nontheless


regardless of how the ball was scored, it was still a great outing. congratulations

Wow. Way to be rude. :smiley:

Hey it’s just how I am. If I could pitch 1 inning of no hit ball then leave and be credited with a no-no. If that was the case Mr.Ryan’s record would have been scattered 10 years ago in a pitchers first 8 starts. so I’ll rudely say it again this time larger [size=24]COMMON SENSE[/size]. GOD THE REGENTS EXAMS ARE STARTING TO GET TO ME. :shock: :shock:

in my leuge kids are not alowed topitch more than 4 innings a game and 6 a week

that doesn"t mean a thing