No explode

hey i heard no explode is good stuff i heard you get lots of energy from it im 15 should i take it do you have to drink a gallon of water with it like regular creatine and could i play better from it

I used it and was disappointed. It is damn expensive, and for what? The stuff has a caffeine-like effect on your system. You get all jacked up for a little while, then you crash. For me I got jumpy, shaky hands, and I couldnt focus. My lifts went up slightly. The problem was that right after I lifted I got super tired and had to take a nap.

Does that sound like it would be good for a baseball player? Nope. Save your money. (And no supplement will make you play better. Thats just ridiculous).

KC did a review on this product.

Here’s the link:

Oh yeah, and if you really want to see for yourself, BSN sells a “trial pack” of NO-Xplode for $7. It saved me from having to pay $40 or more to buy something that I would never have used.

Compare that with Creapure which you can get for around 10 bucks and it is no contest.

I’ve tried no explode and thought it was great. I didn’t feel a crash after and didn’t feel the need to take a nap. I don’t really notice the energy until I start lifting. For me it makes me not want to stop lifting, like I could lift forever. I think it would be great for someone who doesnt truely enjoy lifting. It just depends on how your body reacts to it.

I was also thinking about trying this product, but decided NOT to use it.
I didnt decide to use it, not because of taste, colour, effects…blah blah blah.
I decided not to use this becuase after hours of online research i found out that an ingredient (its been awhile, cant remeber) was a precursor which effects testosterone…this is one of the main reasons it says on the label, dont use under the age of 18…although many bodybuilders i have met reccomend NOT to use it until 21 or 23.
At 15 you deffinately should not use it.
Do your research and make your own decision.

this is a site to get you started, it has numerous links + info on it.

Actually, most products are not recommended for those under 18, not even even creatine, lol. They do this as a precaution, so the company can’t be held liable if a teen were to sue them.

I’ve never used the product, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness, but I think for the money, it would be better to invest in something else.

As far as its effects on testosterone, I’m not sure. I haven’t read anything on it, but it shouldn’t cause you to fail a drug test!

:o That’s absurd.

A combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and b6 raises tesoterone levels, a la ZMA. Which is perfectly safe, and just minerals. Zinc aids in testosterone production, hence why some individuals break out while using this product.

…actually you would probably fail a blood test!

Im not sure how it is in the USA but here in Australia im pretty sure it is a banned substance under “Enhancement of oxygen transfer”.

I dont think that the US and Australia use the same guidelines. Also, NO-Xplode sponsors a few pro athletes- including a cyclist and pro kickboxer- so I think that their products would conform to testing.

I’d be interested to hear the take from someone in upper level sports (cough Mike Griffin cough). In my limited knowledge on the subject, I know they test for testosterone ratios, as well as synthetic test. This sounds kind of interesting though.

I’m currently using Phosphagen because its 1000g of creatine for $20. You won’t find a better deal than that. However I had much better results not only strength wise and size wise with green bulge+white blood but I had more energy.

When I run out of this then I had already planned on trying no-xplode before I read on this forum.

It’s gotten more great reviews than anything else I’ve seen so I’ll give it a shot. I think if No-Xplode doesn’t work the way I like it then I’ll go back to using nothing but Controlled Labs products

Get the trial pack first before you shell out 40 bucks…

after a little more research into what others have said about it…and 4 of my friends are using it…i decided to get some and see what all the hype was about.
Ill start a log and let you all know how it is…