No defence

Last night I got thrown into a start because another pitcher didn’t want to pich and later got hurt running down 1st base.

But I was hitting my spots to the most parts.

There were 9-11 errors and I couldn’t get outs becasue if they hitt it anywhere error was made what should I do when that happens. The final score was 13-2 and the 2 runs I scored for my team.

After a couple of errors the team gave up and it was very hard to get an out. They made me look bad like it was me that couldn’t get an out. What should I do next time this happens.

Also the umpire said good game and shrugged like it wasn’t my fault that made me feel a little better.

What would you have done if they gave up on you and made you look bad?

I know the feeling. Once had a 58 pitch inning, with 7 errors. You just really have to shrug it off, don’t blame the other players, just ignore them. If they don’t want to be there, thats their problem. If you did your job, then it isn’t in any way your fault. Just hope you play for a better team who plays better behind you.

that happens to me all the time

you dont worry about it… everybody on the feild, in the stands can see what your doing and see everything you see

if you did good they know you did good.

errors are pretty easy to spot even for someone who knows nothing about ball so if you got a weak grounder to short and SS miss played it everybody would see that.

Control what you can control. Keep your cool and when things aren’t going well behind you, don’t show it through your emotions or body language. Throw every pitch like it’s a tie game.

I play on one of the junkiest teams around. Small private school no ones ever heard of. I was starting pitching, there were 10 errors in 3 innings. The only way I could get out of an inning was by striking people out. They scored 7 runs off of me because of the frequent errors. The only suggestion I have is to be a completely dominating pitcher and strike out the side.

From the standpoint of winning games, maybe striking out batters is the way to go. But you’ll most likely end up throwing more pitches, tiring sooner, and coming out of games sooner. It’s probably not in your best interest from the standpoint of developing as a pitcher. That’s just my opinion, of course.

I keep my cool pretty good it was hard.

After my last recorded out they walked off the field I yelled hurry up loud they ran. I told them In a speech that I was not mad about the errors but I was mad about the lack of hustle and drive to win on the team. Then the coach took over and told them how disapointed he was of them.

yeah after the terrible game I mentioned, the next game I gave a speech bout how your best is all you can do, and I want everyone to do their best, to cut down on the errors. That worked. The next game there was 1 error and I had 6 Ks in 3 innings with no earned runs.

Leave the yelling and the talks to the coaches. You’ve just antagonized the people you need supporting you.

well it worked. I’m also the captain of JV so I think I had the right to do so.

Even if it works and you think you have the right to do so, the people you’re yelling at probably don’t, and thats all that matters to them.

Maybe your right, but I wasn’t yelling at them it was more of a pep talk. They all cheered after it.

hah well that sounds like something completely different than yelling.

Im the leader of the team and when I say things they listen and understand. I did yell for them to hustle in the dugout but I did tell them the errors were not what i was mad about and it was the lack of hustle.

I think I had the right to do this because they all trust me and know that they weren’t helping me at all. There was no yelling beside the Hustle to the dugout remark that made them move.

They were ok with me in the dugout and are last at bat so the talk wasn’t like they were all made i said something.

i have an ERA of about 3.2 given up about 6-7 runs in 4 games, but for unearnt runs prolly about 20-30. My team every game has atleast 6-7 errors. We have a good hitting side so we catch up, but it drives me nuts when im pitching and ive thrown about 5 outs and theres still no outs:|

Oh I know a lot about bad defence. First game I pitched this year… 9 UNearned runs. we eventually won 21-9 but we still made a lot of errors. I am so use to errors happening behind me because every year my team makes a lot of errors and I pretty much accept the fact that we wont have good defence before the season even begins.

I just don’t care about the errors and when I pitch its how I do that I worry about. (given up 11 unearned runs n 1 earned) I normally never show emotion on the mound unless its a really bad pitch. I guess I am a laid back pitcher but just don’t let errors get to you, if they do then you will keep worrying about them and they may eventually bring you down.

Yeah but worst part is team I played on this season has 11 players. Really no subs or anything and onl about 3 good players on the team

Yeah that could be a problem. Just don’t worry about it, honestly if it hppens it happens. Its like hitting a a batter (I broke a kids nose once but it was his fault he tried to stare the ball down or something. Just staring at it and then BAM broken nose)

So if it happens let it go and go back to pitching. The kid that made the error probably is kicking himself for it anyway and he doesn’t a coach or pitcher or another player to point out he messed up. Just go with the flow. (I repeat myself a lot… sorry about that)