No Baseball For Me

I’m failing Earth Science and have a 65 in Algebra. I need a 88.5 AVG by the end of 2nd quarter to play baseball. This really sucks :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: . I have no chance of bringing my grades up in 5 weeks.

I hate a quitter! (Not you personally Sub)
Can you get tudored?
Can you put in extra work?
Have you talked to teachers, counsellors parents?
Is it for lack of effort on your part? (Be honest I don’t matter…it’s your desire now that will serve you…If it is great enough, you’ll pull out the stops and find a way.) If you want it bad enough you just might get there…if not I wouldn’t wait til next year…I’d use this setback to get motivated and get better at whatever!!!

Well thanks for the sort of kind words :lol: I will use this words for encouragement. I plan on staying after school for 2 extra hours every day until I have a 93 avg

always play baseball. I broke my foot playing basketball (my best sport), and i was out for a month. I was deppressed. Earth science is straightforward, and as for algerbra, 3x+9=66y-31