Cool website, Im a freshman PIitcher from a town u guys have prolly never heard of

Do you mean like the fabulous metropolis of Green Cove Springs?
Where you come from is ok by us…Where I come from in Kentucky, I lived by such huge cities as Rhineyville and Vine Grove…Radcliff and of course the huge burg of Muldrough…The best part is you made it HERE!

Im from iberia Missouri where really small but we have a good ball club, im glasd i found this website

Isn’t that up kinda by jeff city?

kinda were south west of Jeff, were are from

Im from west plains, have u played in the show me games?

I’m in a small town, hell I’m in Wyoming, even our capital is a small town.

no ive never been to the showme games for ball, but i did go for track

Ive never been for baseball either but ive been for basketball a couple times and i wanna go for baseball so bad

yeah showme games would be fun, what district in baseball is west plains, how many games have u guys played

Well i live in west plains but i got to willow springs and we dont have any fall baseball but i wish we did and i dont no wat district were in but the conference were in is the sca (south central association), wat class is ur school i think were a 3a school

i know our ball club is in the frisco league and we have a fall and spring ball season

I wish we had fall ball, im throwin and long tossin rite now but i dont play football and im really missin baseball.

ur lucky at leas ur school has football. we dont even havr that

Wow it’s so funny to think about all this I mean I’m from a 11 million person city home of the Center of the Universe NYC…although I do have a country house in VT.

yaah our town has like 760 people or something like that!!! We used to have football but they stopped that at our school a long time ago