Hey guy,

Just picked up a bottle of 180 tablets. Ive heard a lot of good from people on this product. Ive also been told by a friend who’s a doctor that its safe and should work. Has anyone taken it? Has it worked for you? It calls for taking 3 tablets, three times a day. The problem is i have school starting tomorrow and i cant bring any of it there, so i think ill only be taking 3 tablets, 2 times a day. Will that still be effective?


Why can’t you throw some in your backpack and take them at lunch (or whenever)?

because we’re not allowed to have pills or anything like that at school. how would they know its Nitrix, not something else, you know? So i can get expelled for having it. Normally id just do it anyway but the last thing i need right now is for something like that to happen.

When are you supposed to take them?

3 tablets 30-45 mins before every meal. or 2 hours after

What about taking three right after school? Maybe leave some in your car?

what does Nitrix do for u?

oh i cant, just about every day i have stuff till 530, and thats what i get picked up.

two serving a day will still help. Nitrix is for blood flow.
It helps deliver nutrients to the muscles. Hence why it helps and works so well. But yeah… one serving before school and one when you get home will still work.