Nike sparq equipment help gain velocity.?

Would running sprints with a parachute from nike sparq or a body weight training vest work better to help gain velocity in addition to long toss

Yes and no. I mean running with a parachute alone definately won’t help you gain velocity … but if that type of conditioning is part of an overall program that focuses more on the shoulder, core, legs, etc., it can certainly be beneficial. Same with longtoss, btw. Longtoss alone won’t do it, but longtossing as part of a larger program does imho.

Hi chew1109,

I would look into using weighted baseballs if you are looking for immediate increases in velocity. They use plyometric principles to help strengthen your arm and allow your fast twitch muscles to react faster. Basically this means: you will throw the ball faster. Another thing that you may want to consider is to get pitching lessons from an accomplished pitching coach. They can look at your mechanics and help find ways to add more velocity to your pitching motion.

Jack Elliott
Baseball Pitching Tips